Thursday, 22 October 2015

HAL-CON 2015!

OK I keep forgetting I have this page, I should update! Does anyone even look at it?
 I will be selling at Hal-Con 2015, I have a lot of new things to sell like little dragons and some Keychains (WIP), and I also am selling a colouring book! Yes I made a colouring book about mythological creatures and I plan to make more so many more creatures to draw! I want to look into jumping on the Adult Colouring book bandwagon! I need to find out where I can go to get it published, for now I just have some cheaply printed copies to sell, but I plan to make nicer ones if enough people want them!
I might sell some prints as well, some posters, a lot of old prints from a while back, I m going to sell the older ones on clearance, I've had them too long and need to sell them haha. I also

Here are a couple samples of some of the stuff I will have this year:

 The Colouring book →

 Some of the dragons →

Monday, 16 July 2012

Been a while

Hello y'all, so yes it has been nearly a year since I have posted anything here. I don't s'pose many people will look at this anyway. I still actively post my work on my Facebook page and my deviant art gallery.
So I do not have my mini gallery up in Plan B anymore there was a little bit of a financial problem so I had to take my work down.
I went for a wonderful trip across Canada this spring and I just got back 2 weeks ago. I went to Alberta with my best friend Ana and we stayed with our friend Robin, in Calgary where we worked for a couple months to get enough money to drive back across Canada. I got to see the beautifuil mountains and took many photos some of which I will post here later.While we were out there Ana and I seriously started to work on the comic we have been holding off for at least 3 years where she will write and I will do the art. It is my world and mostly my characters and mine and Ana's ideas combined. The first rough draft is done and so is our mini promo comic which I will be working on  soon. I am hoping that next year issue #1 will be out for sale. So anyway I shall be off to cook supper.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hal- Con!

Well I will be selling some prints and the rest of my pikachu charms this weekend at Hal-Con! I will be sharing my table with my best friend Ana who will be selling some calendars and stain glass Tardis'. I am excited and nervous, I hope I will make as much if not more as I did last year! I have a few new prints to sell.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mini Gallery at Plan B

Also I just want you to know that I just set up some art/ prints to sell in a variety shop called "Plan B" and I have stuff there with April ( ). Plan B is located on Gottigen Street in Halifax N.S it has a variety of small exotic, gothic and punk stuff there. I am aiming to have more things to put there later, I also need to get stuff made for Hal-Con in November this year....So many things to do! So little time.

Anyway here are a couple photos of the set up, temporarily at Plan B.

Sorry about the glare I did not realize there was a glare on three of my pieces... I only have plastic sleeves to put them in for the time until I can get some more sturdy frames. But for now this is where it is.

Some Samples of Commissions and trades I have done

I decided since I have not posted in a few weeks that I will now. Here are samples of some commissions and art trades I have done for/with people over the years. Most of the people who commission me commission me to do dragons but I have no problem with that.

 This one above is my most favorite  dragon commission I ever did. I sketched it on paper and then scanned it and coloured it in Corel Painter.

I really like how these two dragons turned out, again I drew them on paper and scanned then coloured them in Photoshop CS3.
 These two dragons (top and bottom) were the same character for a friend of mine. The bottom one I love a lot, I coloured it with markers.
 The critter below is a character of another person, he asked me to design this character for him because he had no pictures of her at the time, so this piece came from a description he gave me and he was very pleased with the outcome. Again coloured with marker.

 Random anthro characters for another guy with a steam punk theme. Both were coloured with makers and gel pens.
 A lovely dragon species I was commissioned to do for another online friend, I thought the dragon was cute and had fun with it. Coloured with marker.
 This cute little seal was designed for my best friend's father who wanted to put it on his wine labels, he quite liked it. This guy was done with acrylic ink on watercolour paper, I only used one shade of blue, black and silver.

 The one above was a nice one to work on. It was all done using Corel painter. This was a commission soemone wanted me to do for them, it has a bit of a meaning to him.

 This was my most recent commission for someone of their character. She was fun to do, also she was coloured with marker.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

This Is Lyra (Lyriel) Wintermoon

Here is another of my characters that I have had for over 10 years who is the star of the first comic I am working on. Her name is Lyra or her full name is Lyriel Wintermoon. She is Ceres' niece. Lyra is the child of Ceres' brother Amaranth Wintermoon and his psycho soul mate Sharia Nightsong. Amaranth is a silver dragon who normally takes the form of a very beautiful man with two coloured eyes and silky silver hair. Her mother has pale creamy skin and silky black hair and green eyes. Lyra has long wavy black hair that has a ppearly sheen. I love the pearly sheen but it is super hard to imitate with traditional medium.

This is another one of my favorite pictures of Lyra, I did it on art quality bristol paper and coloured it using a mix of marker, acrylic ink, gel pen and coloured pencil.

Lyra has a combination of special powers she inherited from both her parents, she inherited the healing ability from her Wintermoon family (the dragon half) side   and from her mother she inherited the ability to control and manipulate shadows. Lyra also likes to roam in the Fae lands, she gets together with a man named Anadyr from another world that she meets in Fae and they go through some interesting adventures there and on his world. The comic I will be working on is about Lyra and Anadyr.

Because of Lyra's dragon blood, she has a couple of interesting forms she can take, she has the ability to turn into a full bodied dragon but she doesn't have the ability to get super large and she also has her half form.

Just a little sensory warning, there is a little bit of nudity in the picture below.

Above is Lyra's half dragon form, this is one of my favorite drawings of her. I drew it on paper, scanned the sketch into the computer, inked her using a simple program called Paint Tool SAI and I coloured her in photoshop CS3.

I will be posting more work of Lyra up most likely when I get new ones done. So there you have it a breif introduction to Lyra.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Meet Ceres Wintermoon

Voila! I figured out how to post an image here! This is my original character Ceres Wintrermoon. I first created her back in 1997 and now I hope to get a comic started of her. This piece was done in my skecthbook and I coloured her with marker and coloured pencil. Here is a quick story about her;
Ceres Wintermoon is a dragoness who can shape shift into any other animals and she can change her size; she can be as small as a cat (which is the way I usually draw her) or her actual size which is the length of a Humpback whale roughly.
She has a long and convoluted story. One thing is that the dragons in her family all have powers to heal, they can heal themselves, or others and they can just as easily take their life away. Her family is linked to an ancient very wrathful and twisted god. You will learn more when I get the story out <.<
Ceres and her story  were developed with the help of my friend Lauren who created the world and the family she is a part of. Anyway Ceres has been the character that represents me, like Mickey Mouse was Walt's. Anywhere you see this dragon and her tattoo on her belly |(which has become my trademark and a part of my signature). More often then not it is me! Also the name Mialythila is also me, I am the only Mialythila on the internet any one else who use that name most likely saw mine somewhere and liked it!
I will give you the origin of the name Mialythila later, for now I will drop another pic or four of Ceres. These ones are from between 2008 and 2011 all of these are digital ones of her, she is easier to colour digitally.

This one is one of my favorites of her even tho she is anthroed, I really like the details on this and how she turned out and how well you can see the tattoo on her belly.

 Quick ref I did of her all on the computer, I made this up when I commissioned a talented young Finnish girl to make a plushie of Res. It turned out wonderfully.
 My drawings look different when I do them all on the computer than when I do them on paper. I am not very good at drawing with a tablet yet, and I can't wait til I can get enough to afford a cintiq and a MAC, then maybe I will get better at drawing on the computer!

This is the more recent one I did of Ceres in her normal size. I am due to make a better one. Digital.